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Simple Pricing For Classes
  • All prices are on a Month To Month basis.
  • No Obligation after Trial Classes. 
  • No Long Term or Short-Term Contracts. 
  • No Registration or Enrollment Fee.
  • No Equipment Purchase required.
  • No Price Increases For Current Students.
  • + FREE Uniform. 
  • No Kidding!
Discounts on each additional family
member living in the same household.

Regular TaeKwonDo Classes 
For Kids

One Family Member*
Each Additional Family Member** 

*You will receive a FREE Uniform when you sign up for classes
**Must be in same household

Hapkido Classes For Adults
             One Family Member*          

   Each Additional Family Member**     
$  80.00

*You will receive a FREE Uniform when you sign up for classes
**Must be in the same household
Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Registration For Classes
20% Discount for Taekwondo and/or Hapkido Self-Defense Classes for Employees of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist and their immediately family.
Be Wary Of Contracts!

We recommend paying recurring payments with a credit card rather than a bank draft because you have more legal protections by paying with a credit card. We also recommend you review your credit card statement each month. Some children of elderly people, who did not check their credit card statements, found their parents still paying for AOL dial-up 20 years later. Make sure you are not paying for something you thought you had stopped.

Belt Promotion Testing Approximately every 3 Months

Students measure their progress by breaking their training down in 10 Belts. Students are generally ready to test about every three months for the next belt in their progress to Black Belt. The testing fee for belt test for TaeKwonDo and Hapkido is $40.00.

Some schools offer 1, 2 or 3 FREE classes + FREE uniform. You enjoyed 1, 2, or even 3 free introductory classes, received a FREE uniform and you’re ready to enroll. One minor detail stands between you and black belt prowess: The Contract. Most martial arts schools do not have their regular class prices posted on their website nor do they give quotes over the phone. So right after the free classes, you are offered a long term contract with prices you have seen for the first time plus have to pay a Registration Fee or purchase equipment. then asked to enroll. You are still enthused by the "magic of the moment" of the free classes and are more likely to sign the contract. That's the plan and it works a good portion of the time because people don't have time to think about it. Take time to think about it.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Contract is an irrevocable commitment to a full year, 2 years or even 3 years of Martial Arts instruction. Should you decide to quit training for any reason—injury, lack of interest, work and family obligations, et cetera—you will nevertheless be obligated to continue paying tuition until The Contract has expired. If you fail to honor this commitment, your delinquent account will be sent to a collection agency and potentially could negatively impact your Credit Score. Ask yourself, "How would a long term contract benefit me?"

The Contract allows your dojang to relocate itself ten miles away from its original location, or replace its best instructors with bad ones, or shift class dates and times such that you cannot attend. Even if all these should come to pass, you will be required to submit your monthly payments until the term of the Contract is completed.

This describes a worst-case, yet surprisingly common scenario. Some people, such as Shotokan expert Rob Redmond, advise against signing any Taekwondo contracts whatsoever. Yes, these contracts serve to indemnify the school against its own mismanagement, at the student’s expense. Nevertheless, before rejecting it outright, I suggest you shop around for a school that doesn't require contracts and has better prices. Even paying a little higher prices at a pay-as-you-go school is better than being required to pay a long term contract should you stop training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other payments/fees may be required of students? Belt Promotions tests.

The only payment/fee that may be required is for Belt Promotion testing. The current price for Belt Testing is $40.00. Students who are promoted receive their new belt and a Promotion Certificate suitable for framing. When students test for Black Belt the testing fee is $175.00 and promoted students receive an embroidered belt with their name and rank displayed and a certificate suitable for framing.      

Occasionally our school may host a seminar. Attendance at these seminars is not required but may be beneficial for students. The prices for seminars vary based on the seminar. Also, students may order school apparel (T-Shirts, etc) training aids, training weapons, etc.

Purchasing items from our online store is not required. We have cold water available for purchase for $0.50 but purchasing is not required.

Do You Require Contracts?  No

Many Martial Arts Schools require you to sign a long term contract after your trial classes are finished.  Most contracts require that the entire contract be paid in full even if you stop training.  Some schools say the contract is like a rental agreement you sign for 1, 2, or 3 years. It is not a fair comparison because people have to have a place to live but don't have to take martial arts. With Clemmons Family Martial Arts, after your Trial, you can continue your training with a regular monthly payment a contract is not required.  

How Often Do You Increase Prices?  We Don’t

These prices are set and will not increase during your time of continuous training.  Continuous training means no more than one month of classes missed during a consecutive 12-month period.  If more than one month is missed during a consecutive 12-month period then the current tuition rates will apply upon your return to classes.

Do You Require A Registration Fee?  No

Some schools charge $100.00 or more when you register for classes but we do not charge an extra fee when you register for regular classes. Some schools require you purchase sparring gear or other such expensive items in addition to their Registration Fee.  We do not require that sparring gear be purchased.

What Methods of Payment are Available?  Bank Draft or Credit Card Draft

Payments can be made by a bank draft or credit card draft. Payments will be made to Member Solutions, the billing company for Clemmons Family Martial Arts.

A $7.50* Late Payment Fee and $25.00* Return Check Fee applies


All programs may be canceled with 30 days written notice for any reason. We cannot accept cancellation requests by telephone messages or verbal messages. CANCELLATION MUST BE BY WRITTEN REQUEST ONLY.  

Do you offer discounts for other family members? Yes

We offer a $20.00 discount on other family members living in the same household.

Do you offer discounts to employees of business you partner with? Yes

We offer a 20% employee discount for employees and their families of businesses or organizations we partner with.

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