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Hapkido Classes for Adults and Teens

Hapkido is a Korean martial art that focuses on self-defense techniques and incorporates a wide range of strikes, joint locks, throws, and grappling. Training in Hapkido offers various physical, mental, and practical benefits:

  • Self-defense skills: One of the primary purposes of Hapkido is to teach effective self-defense techniques. Practitioners learn how to respond to a variety of attacks and how to neutralize threats, making it a practical martial art for real-life situations.

  • Versatility: Hapkido is known for its adaptability and versatility. It incorporates elements from various martial arts, including strikes, kicks, joint locks, and throws, providing practitioners with a well-rounded skill set.

  • Improved flexibility and strength: Hapkido involves a combination of dynamic movements and static holds, contributing to improved flexibility, balance, and strength. Regular practice can enhance overall physical fitness.

  • Stress relief: Like many martial arts, Hapkido can be a great outlet for stress relief. The focused and disciplined training can help practitioners release tension and achieve mental clarity.

  • Increased coordination and agility: The diverse range of techniques in Hapkido requires practitioners to develop good coordination and agility. This can have positive effects not only in martial arts but also in daily activities.

  • Discipline and focus: Hapkido training instills discipline and concentration. Practitioners learn to focus on the task at hand, follow instructions, and persevere through challenges, which can carry over into other aspects of life.

  • Self-confidence: As practitioners develop their skills and gain a deeper understanding of self-defense, they often experience increased self-confidence. Knowing that one has the ability to protect oneself can positively impact overall self-esteem.

  • Camaraderie and community: Training in Hapkido often involves working with partners and fellow students. This sense of camaraderie and community can provide social support and make the training experience more enjoyable.

  • Cultural appreciation: Hapkido, being a Korean martial art, provides an opportunity for practitioners to learn about and appreciate Korean culture and traditions. This can lead to a greater understanding of the historical and cultural context of the martial art.

  • Lifelong learning: Hapkido is a martial art that offers a continuous path of learning and self-improvement. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, there are always new techniques and principles to explore, making it a lifelong journey of personal development.

It's important to note that individual experiences may vary, and the benefits of Hapkido training can depend on factors such as the quality of instruction, the dedication of the practitioner, and personal goals.

Here's What Sets Us Apart

💪 No Contracts Required: We believe in flexibility and letting our students decide how long they want to stay with us. You won't be tied down to any long-term commitments.

💰 No Registration Fees: We value your trust and want to make it easy for your child to join us. That's why we've eliminated any registration fees. Your journey into Self-Defense training begins hassle-free!

🥊 No Equipment to Purchase: We provide all the necessary equipment you needs to excel in your training. No need to worry about additional expenses—just come to class, and we'll take care of the rest.

💥 Four Weeks of Trial Classes for Just $29.00 + FREE Uniform: We're offering an incredible opportunity for you to experience the power of Self-Defense training for four full weeks at an unbeatable price. This trial period will allow you to fully immerse yourself in our program and discover your passion for martial arts.

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Tuesday & Thursday

7:30 PM to 8:30 PM



4 Weeks Trial Classes + Uniform


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Month To Month Regular Classes

$100.00 Per Month

Each Additional Family Member

$80.00 Per Month

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