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Real Life Self-Defence

Be safe wherever you go!

Don’t be fooled by an hour and a half self-defense class. Self Defense is a broad field that just can’t be covered in that short of time period. Martial Arts classes don't usually teach real street self defense, most are sports. Those martial arts that actually teach self-defense takes years to learn 200 or 300 techniques. What should a real Adult Self-Defense Course cover?


Real life self-defense must be easy to learn and simple to execute quickly. The effectiveness of self-defense training depends on various factors, including the individual's goals, commitment, and the specific methods taught in the course. It's essential to note that both an 8-hour self-defense course and years of learning a martial art have their own advantages and limitations. Here are some considerations of our self-defense course.

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About out self-defense course

Time Commitment:

  • Many people don't have time to take a martial art for 3 nights a week for 4 or 5 years to learn to defend themselves. An 8-hour self-defense course is designed to provide quick and practical techniques for immediate use. It's a condensed program that aims to cover basic self-defense skills in a short period.


Focus on Practicality:

  • Our Self-Defense course focuses on practical, real-world situations and techniques that can be quickly learned and applied by teens, men and women with minimal training.



  • Our Self-Defense course teaches simple and direct techniques that are easy to remember and apply under stress. The emphasis is on escaping from dangerous situations and using instinctive movements.


Mindset and Awareness:

  • Self-Defense courses can instill a mindset of awareness and preparedness. Understanding potential threats, developing situational awareness, and knowing how to respond are crucial components of effective self-defense.


For practical, quick, and basic self-defense skills, an 8 hour course may be sufficient.


Our Basic Self-Defense courses teach the following:



  • Stances if you are confronted: Interview Stance and Doorman's Stance

  • Striking: Jab, Cross, Hook, and Uppercut using fists, palm heel, and cat strikes (palm heel variation) and combing the strikes into the difficult to defend Straight Blast.

  • Kicking: Snap Front Kick, Knee Strikes, Turning Kick

  • Blocking and Striking: The Rhino block and the Dracula block can also be used as strikes



  • Strategic ways to avoid public confrontations.

  • Establish physical boundaries from your potential attacker

  • Strategic ways to deescalate a confrontation.

  • Defense strategies and physical techniques to defend against punches, body/clothing grab attacks then escape the attacker.



  • Strategic ways to prevent ambush attacks.

  • How Ambush Attacks Happen: 1-It will happen FAST 2-It will be in close quarters (bathroom, parking lot, etc.) 3-Likely to involve a weapon 4-There may be multiple attackers

  • Defense strategies and physical defense techniques to defend against Ambush attacks you never see coming to the front of your body or to the back of your body then escape your attacker. 



  • Strategic ways to prevent home invasions

  • Physical defense strategies and techniques to defend against a home invasion.

  • How to escape from having your hands duct tapped or zip tied together or from being duct tapped to a chair during a home invasion.



  • Most knife attacks these days are based on “the prisoner attack” rapidly upward stabbing other people multiple times

  • Defense strategies and physical techniques to defend against “the prisoner knife attack” and most other common knife attacks.



  • Defense strategies and physical techniques against hand guns aimed at the front of your body (head and mid-section).

  • Defense strategies and physical techniques against hand guns aimed at the back of your body (head and mid-section).



  • Strategic ways to prevent Car Jacking

  • Defense strategies and physical techniques to defend against an armed carjacker.

How to Register For The Self-Defense Course And The Cost Of The Course

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This is a new program at Clemmons Family Martial Arts. We are gaging interest in potential students. If you are interested in this dynamic self-defense course, please fill out an application and we will let you know when, and if, classes will be held. When we have at least 10 people we will announce the date and accept the first 10 students who pay for the course.

Click HERE to email any questions you may have.

Click HERE to register your interest in the course.

We will hold classes on 8 consecutive Mondays from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM for completion of this course. The cost per person will be $150.00. No other costs are involved, no other purchases required, no belt tests, etc.

If you have registered your interest in classes, we will let you know the exact date and send an invoice for the cost of the course. The first 10 students to pay will be taken in this course.

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