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Information On Your Membership

Read This Section  Thoroughly

Clemmons Family Martial Arts makes it our responsibility to make the School Rules and Policies, Terms of Service and Membership/Payments/ Cancellations available to you so you know your rights and responsibilities  of your Membership.
However, as a student or parent of a student training at Clemmons Family Martial Arts it is your responsibility alone to read, understand, and follow these rules. Your failure to do so leads to undue conflict

In this section, we have information for current students of Kids TaeKwonDo and Adult Hapkido to assist in their growth in the martial arts. 


Our thoughts on dealing will bullying

In order to train in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Arnis or other martial art at Clemmons Family Martial Arts, all students or parent or guardian of a student agree to the these Terms of Service and Liability Waiver.

​Rules For Membership, How Payments Can Be Made and How to Cancel Membership. Failure to follow the clearly spelled out rules, especially regarding cancellation, may lead to conflict if we have to point out rules you failed to even read before taking action.

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