TaeKwonDo For Elementary School Age Students

What is TaeKwonDo?
TaeKwonDo is a Korean self-defense system and martial art. However, it is so much more than that. Ask any of our students' training and they will inform you that it builds self-confidence, develops excellent all-round fitness, improves co-ordination significantly and increases flexibility.

From the training involved, mental discipline, motivation, determination, and patience is developed. It instills in the student a desire to be a better person, and to respect and help other people.

In particular, in this day and age, it teaches children about delayed gratification and goal focus, as a system of ranking is in place to pave the path from white belt (beginner) to black belt level.


How Do We Measure A Student’s Progress?
As a student progresses in rank, the student's belt color changes to reflect the student's progress. Within a belt rank, we use stripes on the belt to measure the student’s progress until the student has earned enough stripes to test for a new rank and belt color. These are the small goals we set for students to achieve their Big Goal of Black Belt.

The Key To Success
The key elements in a student’s progress in Martial Arts are the student's attitude, goals for advancement and consistency of training.  Setting and achieving goals for advancement, such as stripe and belt promotions, and training on a regular weekly schedule is essential to success in Martial Arts.


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