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Taekwondo For Children ages 6 -13

Taekwondo can provide children with a variety of Physical, Mental, and Social benefits helping them develop into well rounded individuals. Click HERE for More Information on our program.

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Hapkido Self-Defense Classes For Teens, Men and Women

Hapkido is a Korean Martial Arts taught to the Republic of Korea Special Forces. Hapkido iis used almost exclusively for Self-Defense. Hapkido was founded by Ji Jae Han in the 1950s that combined elements from several other martial arts into a complete martial arts system.

Click HERE for more information.

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Click HERE to register for our Trial Lessons in TaeKwonDo or Hapkido Self-Defense

Sandy Legard Moore
"This is a great family-oriented Martial Arts facility. Studies have shown that martial arts improves self-confidence, discipline, balance, assist in fall prevention, etc. I have watched so many children over the years improve in so many ways. I love to see children who couldn't stand on one foot learn to break a board, or those who might be bullied in school learn to defend themselves. It is amazing to see children improve their focus. I also love that they don't force parents into long contracts because you never know what a child will want to do next year or next month."

M. Hendrix​"This is a great place to train in the martial arts.The staff here is extremely knowledgeable and very sincere. I highly recommend them. They are an awesome group of people."

Tiffany Nycole Alfaro"I went to a Women's Self Defense seminar and learned a lot in just two hours. A lot of information was given. I even tested it out on my 6'3" husband and dropped him almost immediately (I'm only 5'1").  The seminar was awesome and best of all, free." 

Niesha Wade"I think this class was amazing! I thought my son was going to just sit and watch the first class. I liked the fact that he got to participate, I think that got his attention to want to keep going and get off the video games lol! We’ll definitely be back!"

Brandy Brown"My kids have been taking TKD there for a while, and they LOVE it. Master Needham & Master Moore are both SO wonderful. They’re patient with the kids, and  I’ve seen improvement in self-confidence and determination." 

Cynthia Bailey"Master Needham and Master Moore are fantastic with our kids!"   

Donna Hoobler Vernon"The staff is patient professional and pleasant. I would recommend this business."  

Stacie Richmond"A wonderful atmosphere for learning."

Jeremy Baune "My 2 boys, currently ages 6 and nearly 8, and I have been attending classes since January of this year. What a great place for my kids to learn TaeKwonDo from master Chris Moore and Master David Needham. They are great and very patient." 

Barbara Phelps 
"Great place with great people!"

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