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Home Security Ideas and Suggestions

Improving home security can be done in many ways, from simple and affordable measures to advanced systems. Here are some helpful ideas:


• Install high-quality locks: Use deadbolts and reinforced strike plates on all doors and windows to deter break-ins. Consider changing locks as many homes come with cheap locks installed.

• Use a home security system: A security system with motion sensors on exterior doors and windows, alarms that call the police, and yard signs and window stickers can deter burglars and alert you to potential intruders. Smart technology like doorbell cameras, interior wired and exterior batter operated cameras, and motion sensors can be controlled remotely via your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere. Helpful hint: don’t put cameras in the bedroom.


• Keep the exterior well-lit: Good lighting can deter burglars and make it easier to see any suspicious activity. Motion detection solar-powered lighting is an excellent choice, as are Duke Power security lights.


• Secure your garage: Burglars often enter homes through garages. Use strong locks and motion sensor lights to secure your garage.


• Keep valuables out of sight: Don't leave valuable items visible from outside.


• Use a safe: Keep important documents and valuables in a secure safe that is bolted to the floor or wall.


• Own a dog: Dogs can discourage burglars and home invasions. If you don't have a dog, place a dog dish in an easy-to-see area and put up a "Beware of Dog" sign.


• Trim landscaping: Overgrown landscaping can provide cover for burglars.


• Have a weapon nearby: If you choose a firearm, keep it in a locked gun safe next to your bed that you can unlock and retrieve within 10 seconds. If you don't like guns, you can use a machete, baseball bat, or other tool for self-defense.


• Get to know your neighbors: Strong community relationships can help prevent crime and provide an extra layer of security.


Doing these things to improve your home security should cost less than $1,000.00 so you come out ahead because most Homeowner Policy deductibles are at least $1,000.00 these days.


Remember that no security measure is foolproof, but taking steps to improve your home security can reduce the likelihood of a break-in and give you peace of mind.

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